Admissions are currently open for Nursery, Kindergardern and Primary classes.

Our prime focus is to improve the education and competitiveness of all the students and our economical and reasonable school fees structure reflects our commitment to include even the economically weaker sections to high standards of education. The school fee should be a burden on the parents and come in the way of giving the childern a truly advanced education.

Special extra coaching is given to students from weaker educational background to enable them to catch up and be on par with the rest of the childern in all subjects.


Qualified teachers guide students in their learning process & can make a amazing impact on a child’s motivation to learn.


To facilitate better student-teacher relationship and individual attention to students a student-teacher ratio of 20 is maintained.


Our teachers come with rich experience. Our teachers create a safe and age-appropriate environment for learning.

Islamic Culture

Students are encouraged to imbibe, develop and practice proper Islamic attitudes and behavior. Extra classes for students are directly provided.


A library for students, staff and general public which books in Arabic, English, Urdu & Hindi languages. It also includes Islamic audio and video tapes.


Well-equipped classrooms with Video Projectors, to facilitate students’ learning, comfort and concentration. Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement.