About Us

Stardom Public School is committed to nurture the fundamental potential and talent of each child, developing lifelong learners who will be the leaders of tomorrow. With parents as our partners, we aspire to conceive global citizens who are evolving from the shells and have a strong sense of values.
Our prime focus is to improve the education and competitiveness of all the students, where pupil can receive a balanced education in an Islamic environment which in turn will promote their Spiritual, Moral Cultural, Mental and Physical development.
Eid functions, Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations and fun time for children.
Students are encouraged to imbibe, develop and practise proper Islamic attitudes and behavior.

About Stardom Public School

Stardom Public School provides excellent quality education which helps chidren to gain the most in this world and hereafter.

It provides an environment for the childern to develop Islamic principls along with achieving performance. Our aim is for childern to imbible nobel characteristics such as Allah-consiousness, a sense of responsibility, commitment, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, honesty, self discipline, excellent personal manners, high moral values and variuos skills to achieve success in the world and hereafter.


Qualified teachers guide students in their learning process & can make a amazing impact on a child’s motivation to learn.


To facilitate better student-teacher relationship and individual attention to students a student-teacher ratio of 20 is maintained.


Our teachers come with rich experience. Our teachers create a safe and age-appropriate environment for learning.

Islamic Culture

Students are encouraged to imbibe, develop and practice proper Islamic attitudes and behavior. Extra classes for students are directly provided.


A library for students, staff and general public which books in Arabic, English, Urdu & Hindi languages. It also includes Islamic audio and video tapes.


Well-equipped classrooms with Video Projectors, to facilitate students’ learning, comfort and concentration. Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement.