About Management

Board Of Directors


I find great pleasure and a privilege to welcome each one of you to the Stardom Public School with a difference. We provide a global educational experience to children from Pre-Primary to the Primary School. Our extraordinary educational programme instills in the students the love of learning, ability to perceive and move forward confidently and to pursue their dreams and goals.

At every step we learn a new lesson that fills our life with an unparalleled vision and new possibilities. With a view to groom the nascent children to be responsible and pragmatic citizens of tomorrow, the school, since its inception, has been making earnest efforts. To achieve this aim, we have vowed to crave for achieving an overall growth of our students besides shaping their impressionable minds for the cause of service to the humanity.

Stardom Public School has become a synonymous of 'Realization of BIG DREAMS'. Here, every moment of life is a new beginning which brings with it boundless joy of new possibilities. Hopefully, our dreams will take bigger shapes in future and we shall prove ourselves worthy of being 'Dream Realizers'


Thank you for visiting the Stardom Public School website. Our website is often one of the first means through which parents reach out to us; the possible starting point of a long and rewarding association. Take a glimpse into what we are proud to call one of the best islamic schools in Bangalore, that offers well education with all islamic culture.

Being at the helm of an educational institution is a privilege and responsibility that adds a new dimension of purpose, challenge and meaning to one’s life. Transforming the careers of our students is what every member of the institution cares about day in and day out, even beyond professional obligations. When our students’ curiosity is fuelled, when they are motivated to question, scrutinize, dissect and refine every idea that has been introduced to them, when they approach every situation from a point of leadership, compassion and open-mindedness, we know that we have succeeded. However, staying on track towards our goal and achieving an outcome of this scale is extremely challenging. And that is what makes being a part of Stardom Public School so worthwhile.

Our teachers and staff are the true heroes of our institution who are training whole new generations of model citizens themselves. It takes a village to raise a child. Each of us here at Stardom Public School are fully committed to bringing up a child to her/his fullest potential, during their stay here. Our approach takes into account the cultural differences of students from various countries and current global scenarios. It is our differences that contain the charge to help us realise goals that are prodigious and beneficial to the world. Every year, our students proudly surpass all our expectations with their intelligence, ingenuity, hard work, and compassion.

I thank you for taking out your time to visit our website. Pay a visit to our Stardom Public School to experience for yourself.

About Staff

A great teacher can make a amazing impact on a child’s motivation to learn. At Stardom Public School,we work to create an environment where both our educators and students can realise their potential. Our faculty hold the highest standards for themselves as well as those they educate. They are responsible for cultivating curiosity and wonder in the minds of children, and making sure that every child receives the nurturing and inspiration they deserve. Most of the classes at Stardom Public School have Teaching Assistants, who are promoted to the status of a teacher, after gaining sufficient experience. Our culture promotes teamwork and coordination among the faculty members.

Our faculty comprises of individuals who are passionate learners themselves. Faculty at Stardom Public School are encouraged to weave their own creative methods and ideas into the curriculum, when it comes to helping children learn. They bring skills and experiences from diverse fields. Faculty Development Programmes are conducted around the year with the help of experts from relevant fields and disciplines. Our teachers come with rich experience. Our teachers create a safe and age-appropriate environment for learning.


Qualified teachers guide students in their learning process & can make a amazing impact on a child’s motivation to learn.


To facilitate better student-teacher relationship and individual attention to students a student-teacher ratio of 20 is maintained.


Our teachers come with rich experience. Our teachers create a safe and age-appropriate environment for learning.

Islamic Culture

Students are encouraged to imbibe, develop and practice proper Islamic attitudes and behavior. Extra classes for students are directly provided.


A library for students, staff and general public which books in Arabic, English, Urdu & Hindi languages. It also includes Islamic audio and video tapes.


Well-equipped classrooms with Video Projectors, to facilitate students’ learning, comfort and concentration. Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement.